Il Dolce Far Bene is our sustainability vision and commitment to preserving the unique beauty and traditions of our local areas, for the next generations to come.

At Pellicano Hotels Group, we believe that the future of hospitality goes hand in hand with the healthy future of our planet, from our seas to our forests.

Italy’s lush natural wonders are as important as our unrivalled history and culture, and preserving both isn’t just our right, but our duty.

With Il Dolce Far Bene, we’ve set out on a journey to bring new meaning to la Dolce Vita, reflecting our innate ethos of honest luxury through a considered approach to travel.

Each of our three hotels is nestled within the natural beauty of Italy’s picturesque landscapes and enshrined in local heritage. As such, it is essential that Pellicano Hotels Group plays its part in sustaining the uniqueness of its surroundings. Through Il Dolce Far Bene, Pellicano Hotels Group will work to provide positive and enduring value for the local communities, offering guests a more responsible and slower way to travel, allowing visitors to experience what the ‘Good Life’ truly means.

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