Entrepreneur Roberto Sciò has a lifelong love affair with beauty, and was immediately seduced by Rome’s gorgeous La Posta Vecchia and Tuscany’s glamorous Il Pellicano, he bought them both. These two spectacular destinations became his family homes. Then he discovered Mezzatorre, a secret place of rare beauty, on the enchanted isle of Ischia, irresistible.

As hotels they are nurtured with a very personal care under the dynamic direction of his daughter, Marie-Louise Sciò.

Marie-Louise Sciò grew up at La Posta Vecchia, playing hide and seek in the vast corridors of rooms, celebrating birthdays by candlelight above the sea. Summer holidays at Il Pellicano were full of playful mischief, one year she and her brother liberated the lobsters into the saltwater pool.

The gracious service at a Pellicano Hotel is delivered with a stylish nonchalance, the effort concealed, our sprezzatura.

As an acknowledged arbiter of contemporary fine tastes and armed with an architectural background, Marie-Louise cultivates a contemporary creative spirit at all of the Group's hotels, which she shares with warmth and wit.