Welcome to Pellicano Hotels, where luxury is timeless yet understated, it is in the atmosphere, a gesture, and any number of many small details.

Il Pellicano and La Posta Vecchia are not only two of Italy’s most fabled hotels but gorgeous destinations in their own right, sought out by the world’s cognoscenti.

Open for ‘the season’ each hotel captures the loveliest times in Italy from spring to autumn, when sunlight glints off the fresh seas lapping La Posta Vecchia’s ochre façade and Il Pellicano’s private cove.

Each October La Posta Vecchia opens once more as a private villa, available in its entirety for exclusive events.

At both hotels guests discover the classic style is a canvas for the avant-garde. Il Pellicano is a cache of culture, photographed by Slim Aarons in the 50s and Jurgen Teller today; at La Posta Vecchia a jazz playlist dances lightly over a trove of Roman ruins and Renaissance art.