Pellicano Hotels (also the “Group”) manages three of Italy's most fabled hotels - Il PellicanoLa Posta Vecchia and the Mezzatorre Hotel & Thermal Spa.

Hotel Il Pellicano, bought by Roberto Sciò in 1979 and the flagship of the Group, is a luxury seaside hotel in Porto Ercole, located in a pristine Tuscan cove. La Posta Vecchia, prior home to Roman Imperators and purchased by the Sciò Family from socialite Jean Paul Getty, is a luxury boutique hotel 30 minutes from Rome. The Mezzatorre Hotel & Thermal Spa is a five-star hotel tucked into 7 hectares of Mediterranean scrub in Ischia. 

The vision is to establish Pellicano Hotels as the leader in honest travel, emulating a passion for Italian tradition, combined with character and innovation. Each hotel is nestled in the natural beauty of Italy’s picturesque landscapes and encompassed by local heritage.

With their renewed sustainability vision, Il Dolce Far Bene, Pellicano Hotels is redefining La Dolce Vita, reflecting an ethos of honest luxury and the embodiment of Italian culture, while also creating positive value for the surrounding areas and local communities.

Pellicano’s Commitment

With the publication of this Sustainability Policy (“the Policy”), the Group formalises its commitment to take steps to preserve the uniqueness and beauty of the areas for future generations, as well as creating a positive impact to the region and nurturing their employees.

Far bene per il pianeta - Doing good for the planet

We believe we have the duty to preserve the beauty and uniqueness of the natural systems that surround us; we commit to reducing our impact on the environment, by decreasing wherever possible our energy consumption and emissions generated; responsibly managing our water use; and continuously working to minimise waste production while also acting as a promotor of responsible practices in the regions we operate in.

Far bene per le persone - Doing good for people

We believe our employees are the soul of our company and our guests are our driving force; we commit to nurturing our employees by offering opportunities for personal and professional growth. We also believe we have a responsibility towards the communities in which we operate; we commit to promoting local excellences and supporting the hosting area through job creation, while engaging our guests on the importance of acting responsibly.

Governance and Scope

The Pellicano Hotels’ board of directors is responsible for the definition and execution of the Group’s sustainability strategy and for the supervision of the Sustainability Policy. The board of directors will also oversee and provide strategic guidance throughout all stages of the process.

The sustainability committee is a governance body in charge of the daily execution of the sustainability strategy, also suggesting and implementing new projects and initiatives. This committee will also monitor and evaluate the progress made over time, on the basis of measurable and relevant targets and KPIs. Progress will be also periodically and transparently communicated to internal and external stakeholders.

The sustainability ambassadors are employees from the Group’s key departments designated as the positive leaders who will be in charge of the daily implementation of activities and initiatives as part of the sustainability action plan in each of the areas of competence. 

The present Policy applies to all of the Group’s business operations, including, but not limited to employees, consultants, contractors, temporary employees, property managers, owners, franchisees and vendor personnel, and it will also be shared with relevant business partners ensuring that its provisions will be understood and upheld.

This Policy will be updated periodically, and any amendments to the Policy will be disclosed to both internal and external stakeholders.

Any questions and concerns in relation to this policy may be directed to