Tell us briefly about your role. Sandra, what do you do for the boutique, and Giulia, what do you do for ISSIMO?

Sandra Niccolini - Beauty and Boutique Center Manager: At the boutique, I oversee the whole operational side of things – from looking after the stock and pricing to arranging the display and training the team I work with. Throughout, I work closely with Marie-Louise, who personally picks everything we sell both on ISSIMO and in store.

Giulia Bortolotti - E-Commerce Manager: When I arrived at ISSIMO a year ago there was a need for someone who could bring an organisational structure and digital know-how to the platform. I was hired as E-Commerce Manager to do just that. My role has expanded tremendously since then however and I now coordinate and direct all aspects of this business. My main tasks are to make sure that ISSIMO keeps growing, that our team can work efficiently and that we can keep making Marie-Louise’s original idea – to make ISSIMO the digital extension of the Pellicano World – into a reality.

How would you describe the boutique of Il Pellicano in relation to ISSIMO? What is the dynamic between the two? 

Sandra: The two are intrinsically connected. There’s a real symbiosis between ISSIMO and the boutique, sometimes even in a transversal way. In winter, when Il Pellicano is closed, our guests often purchase on ISSIMO, or keep visiting the site to stay up to date with all things Pellicano. At the same time, the boutique is an excellent showcase for ISSIMO. So yes, I would say that we are definitely tied together. We move on the same wavelength and have a shared ethos.

Giulia: The boutique is undoubtedly the first physical correspondent of ISSIMO. The whole Pellicano philosophy is perfectly enclosed in its off-line store and the fine selection of products it proposes. The values underlying the items chosen for both are also similar (timeless, high quality, elegance, refinement...). The main difference is that while the boutique has long been frequented mainly by those who love and know Hotel Il Pellicano, ISSIMO brings our love for Made in Italy all over the world.

Describe ISSIMO and the boutique in three words. 

Sandra: I think both ISSIMO and the boutique are about superlative lifestyle, living outside the obvious, and offering something that’s truly different and exclusive. They go well beyond a typical retail concept. 

Giulia: ISSIMO is all about people, places and beautiful things; but if I had to add something to that, I’d say continuous inspiration, timeless elegance, and Italian joie de vivre (ok, that’s more than three words!). The boutique, on the other hand, for me is iconic, exclusive and timeless.

Is there a product you particularly love?

Sandra: What I absolutely adore, and I am in awe of, are our collaborations, both in store and on ISSIMO. I know others do them, too, but I really think the way Marie-Louise approaches them is something else. They manage to bring something totally new to the table, every time. 

Giulia: In the boutique it’s a ring from the Iconica line by Pomellato. On ISSIMO it’s a one-piece swimsuit we did in collaboration with swimwear label Lido, inspired by the Negroni.

If a product is out of stock in the boutique, can people find it on ISSIMO?

Sandra: Absolutely, especially if it’s part of the ISSIMO corner of our boutique.

Giulia: Exactly!The boutique has a whole corner dedicated to ISSIMO, and all of the products displayed there can also be purchased on the site, so it's always worth checking ISSIMO out!

This one is just for Giulia. Beyond E-Commerce, what else is there on the site? 

Giulia: A whole world! We cover travel, food, curiosities, style, craftsmanship, beauty and culture – all with an Italian spin. The hotels are at the centre of it all and the places we often turn to for inspiration between stories. It is a world worth discovering.