Michele Sambaldi - Managing Director of Pellicano Hotels. Tell us about your story with the Pellicano Hotels Group.

My journey within the group allowed me to grow on both a professional and personal levels. I started as Purchasing Manager and made my way to my current role of Managing Director for the Group. I also have a role on the Board of Directors that I find very stimulating since it allows me to participate in the strategic decisions of the group. After 14 years I am still enthusiastic about my work and the opportunities it offers; I strongly believe in the organization, its vision, ideas and its people.

The hospitality world and the typology of guests has changed a lot lately. How do you see these changes? 

We work in a very dynamic world and the pandemic made the evolution go faster. Today, guests are often called “sustainable travellers”, and are more and more attracted to the respect of local communities and unique cultural and authentic experiences. I am happy to say that our three hotels totally reflect these new aspects. The concept of “luxury” is also changing and we have been studying how to make luxury and sustainability work together.

Speaking about Pellicano Hotels and sustainability: tell us more about Il Dolce Far Bene.

Il Dolce Far Bene is our sustainability program, which I personally prefer to call our 'consciousness' program. It’s our commitment to preserving the unique beauty and traditions of our local areas for future generations and to provide positive and enduring value for the local communities and for our co-workers. Il Dolce Far Bene focuses indeed on two central pillars: Doing Good for the Planet and Doing Good For People.

Which steps have you taken to be more sustainable?

We are Doing Good for People by supporting local producers, reducing food waste with donations, promoting our territories (@IschiaisMore) and collaborating with Dynamo Camp, an organisation that works on improving conditions of children with pathologies. We are also working hard on various team building initiatives and training sessions on different subjects, including sustainability. Doing Good for the Planet includes reducing plastic and paper in our hotels and offices, responsibly managing our water usage and reducing our energy consumption. Our engagement is evolving and we hope to obtain a “green” certification and be part of the companies recognized for their environmental impact. This will give us more opportunities and reasons to continue our work and obtain good results for the whole territory. We have the same objective with our recent activities with the NGO Marevivo, part of Doing Good for the Planet.

Tell us more about Marevivo

The NGO Marevivo works on protecting the most important resource we have on earth: water. For the Marevivo team, indeed, we live on the “Sea Planet”. Since 2021, we have adopted three beaches close to our hotels: the Marina di San Nicola Beach in Palo Laziale, Chiaia Beach in Ischia and Acqua Dolce Beach in Porto Ercole. For three very moving days, we cleaned the beaches. Besides bringing the team together, adopting a beach means being more conscious about the respect for the environment while preserving and protecting it.

Are you doing something else with Marevivo?

We want to become ambassadors for Marevivo’s mission and we believe we can do more for it. This is why we will donate, as a group, 2.5% of the rooms sold during international days dedicated to the sea protection. Furthermore, during their stay, our guests can also participate with a spontaneous donation to the NGO. Marevivo will use these funds to develop cleaning activities and attract the younger generations with various projects in different schools. We are sure results will be great and I want to thank everyone who will contribute to the cause.