Tell us about your journey at Mezzatorre and the arrival of Pellicano Hotels Group to Ischia.

I’ve been working at Mezzatorre since 2014 and was very excited when the Pellicano Hotels Group took over the management! I was eager to be part of a completely different world, one that belonged to such a well-recognized hotel brand. They brought many positive changes and this has allowed me to grow and acquire new skills.  I moved from my role as Front and Back Office in 2019 to now managing the Spa and the Thermal Center.

What's new this year at the Spa?

We have a few new things for our guests this year!  We added new mud treatments to our menu, sourced locally of course, following a six-months immersion in Ischia’s famous thermal water. This treatment does not only guarantee the best results, it is also the most representative of the island. We’ve also added a new treatment for expecting mums, a special cuddle to help relieve particular muscular pains on their amazing life journey.  We’re also bringing in Biologique Recherche body treatments, which has been a guest favourite at our other hotels, Il Pellicano and La Posta Vecchia. We’re introducing a four hands massage too (more details below!)

Which beauty treatment guests at the Mezzatorre cannot miss?

Definitely the four hands massage: a synchronized massage delivered by two therapists using rosemary oil for a soothing atmosphere. It is a real cocoon of relaxation and wellness wrapped around our guests.

There are several pools at the Thermal and Beauty Centre – is there a particular order of use for the best results?

Thermal waters have medicinal benefits so we always have an in-house doctor present with our guests to ensure safety and optimal results. That being said, we generally recommend starting with the Kneipp pools to help stimulate the circulation - thanks to a cycle that alternates between hot and cold water pools.  After that, a good rest of 5-10 minutes with a warm tea, followed by the two thermal waters at 38°C/100°F and finish- off with the Thalasso pool – 40°C/104°F seawater pool – which benefits the airways.

As an island native, what are the 5 things you cannot miss on Ischia?

For one, a boat tour around the island and a stop at the most beautiful bays and restaurants - reachable only by boat. A visit to Sant’Angelo and the Aragonese Castle are definitely musts! Lunch with the one and only “Coniglio all’Ischitana”, a day spent in the famous hot springs and a tasting of Biancolella in one of the many gorgeous wineries. There are so many things to do on Ischia (because @IschiaIsMore!) and our Concierge can help you organize all of them!

Finally, are you “hot springs and relax” or “trekking and mountain”?

Mountain and trekking for sure!  I absolutely love it, especially in Ischia where you have spectacular views over the Gulf of Naples – and the view from the top of Mount Epomeo – it really is a must-see!  The best part of it all? Relaxing in the warm hot springs of our beautiful "green island" once the trek is over!