Tell us about you and what you did before joining Pellicano Hotels.

Dona Daher - Head of PR & Communications: I am a Lebanese-Canadian that moved to Italy in 2018. I grew up in Beirut, then moved to Montreal as a preteen, and that’s where I did my studies. I have a Law Degree and a Political Science degree but found my passion for communications working for a company that organized housing for refugees – I started by managing sales contract but found it to be extremely more fulfilling to promote such an important project and did the switch to PR. My passion for communications then brought me to Dubai where I lived and worked for almost 10 years in PR and Communications in different industries, namely luxury hospitality. It is also where I met my Italian husband, and he is the reason I moved to Rome in 2018 and was fortunate enough to find my place at the Pellicano Hotels Group.

Flavia Ercoli - Head of Sales, Marketing & Distribution: My journey in the hospitality world started ten years ago in PR & Marketing for the Four Seasons Milan. After that, I moved to London, where my Sales experience began and continued always in 5 stars hotels. In 2017, during a sales trip in Sweden, I was introduced to Pellicano Hotels and I had the opportunity to join this company and return home, to Rome. I love the Pellicano world and the possibility it gave me to grow both professionally and personally.

What do you do for Pellicano Hotels?

Dona: I head the Public Relations and Communications department for our fabulous three hotels and our e-lifestyle platform ISSIMO. And I love it!  Our products, our people and our stories are absolutely phenomenal – and it is a pleasure telling the world about them.

Flavia: I’ve grown a lot in this company, and today I am the Head of Sales, Marketing and Distribution. I am enthusiastic about my future and the opportunities the company will offer and I am sure the next years will be as engaging and interesting than the first four.

Dona, working for PR & Communication, trend and news, Hotel Il Pellicano certainly has a special place in your daily work. Why, according to you, is such a required product, in terms of hospitality and media? 

To me, Il Pellicano is a poem. To say the property had an auspicious start would be an understatement. It quickly became the stomping ground for Hollywood stars and European royalty, hosting among the others Charlie Chaplin, Sophia Loren and Jackie Kennedy. In 1979, the Sciò family bought it, and today, under the very capable eyes of his daughter, our CEO and Creative Director Marie-Louise, the resort has grown to include a spa, a boutique with seaside musts and a Michelin starred restaurant. She kept the bones of what loyal guests loved but updated it for a new crop of travelers, and the hotel has retained its low-key, exclusive vibe. On top of it all, the staff are terrific, the barman is a cocktail whizz, and the food is superb. Il Pellicano is truly a beautiful hotel with seamless service and an incredible spot and with its very strong reputation my work is always exciting.

Flavia, you joined the company just before the addition of Mezzatorre: what is your relationship with our Ischitan hotel? And why, among the three hotels, La Posta Vecchia is the most chosen for events? 

Adding Mezzatorre to our portfolio and all the pre-opening activities have been one of the most educational and challenging experiences I participated in. Mezzatorre, Ischia and the strong tradition you feel once you reach the island create a special atmosphere you cannot miss. Furthermore, the magical staff who supported and sustained us during the many changes we made, created a strong connection with Mezzatorre and its place in the Pellicano Hotels world.

One of the reasons La Posta Vecchia is a preferred destination for events is its strategic location close to Fiumicino airport, the port of Civitavecchia and the charming city of Rome; and it is by the sea! The presence of common areas, the 19 rooms, the chimneys, the big gardens and the sea view terrace add of course an extra value that is difficult to find anywhere else.

The values of luxury, welcoming, italianità, sustainability are part of the three hotels. With your work, often behind the scenes, how do you spread them?

Dona: I like to think that many of these are innate and working in the company has made these values stronger. I am naturally friendly and generous with my time and I do love people. I love interacting with them, sharing stories and learning about them and different cultures. As for sustainability I have run many Corporate Responsibility programs throughout my career so that has really impacted my behavior throughout the years: I respect the environment and believe it is everyone’s duty to do the same. I am very conscious of my footprint, try as much as possible to buy local. As for italianità I think I am very comfortable in my new home and it’s an absolute pleasure to share with the world the love I have for this fabulous country.

Flavia: By being behind the scenes, sharing emotional values is not that simple. From our Sales & Marketing offices we always try to maintain a strong communication with our colleagues and with our partners, thanks to webinars, calls, visits. Regarding our hotels’ guests we have been working hard to make our digital communication and our online presence stronger and we managed to do so thanks to the strong cooperation between departments, especially with our PR & Communications team.