What’s your favourite part of the job? 

Antonietta - Mezzatorre: In all honesty, pretty much everything. From the organisation of the daily work and the briefings with the team to room inspections, where we ensure that every single detail is spotless. I love being able to prepare a room, whether it is morning or evening, without the guest necessarily seeing me. I really like making their stay unforgettable.

Laura - La Posta Vecchia: I love being able to create and work with a united team, as well as the organisational aspect of the role.

Lucio - Il Pellicano: I love working with people and I am lucky enough to count on great collaborators who helped me when I took office as a manager. Seeing guests happy with the services we provide is a real booster, and keeps us going even in the most challenging moments of the season.

Is there a room you particularly like? 

Antonietta: There isn't one particular room that I prefer, but rather two: the Deluxe Suite on the third floor (number 133) for its brightness and sea views, and the Deluxe Suite in the Rizzoli block (number 403) for the spacious terrace and the large round table where you can have a nice breakfast overlooking the sea.

Laura: The room I love the most is actually our smallest, the Corner, on the first floor of La Posta Vecchia. It’s furnished with antiques and has a bathroom hidden behind the wall of a fake wardrobe. It is compact but fascinating. 

Lucio: I really like one of the rooms of the Gabbiano Cottage. It features a small balcony overlooking the entire Il Pellicano and boasts a spectacular sea view. 

If you could bring a piece of the hotels home, what would it be?

Antonietta: For me, it would be either the vintage style radios that are in the rooms or the wicker chairs of our Gazebo bar. They are unique, with such a high back, and they are also comfortable.

Laura: If I could take anything home it would be the ceiling in the Getty room. I was immediately struck by its beauty. Not that the others aren’t beautiful! But that ceiling is really wonderful. 

Lucio: It would have to be the tiles! My wife and I love painted tiles, and Il Pellicano has some seriously stunning ones, especially in the bathrooms.

What would you recommend to a first-time guest?

Antonietta: I would say to embrace the holiday spirit the moment they step into their room. Open the window and take a breath of fresh air while soaking in the lush landscape and sea views all around you. Then make yourself at home and visit Ischia, our wonderful "Isola Verde". 

Laura: Relax, forget everything, savour every moment of your stay, experience every space, and enjoy the beauty of our villa both inside and out. Also, don’t miss the sunset from La Posta Vecchia. It’s truly magical.

Lucio: I would recommend enjoying the magical atmosphere of Il Pellicano. Try a cocktail by our talented Bar Manager Federico Morosi and eat at our starred Il Pellicano Restaurant. It’s an experience.