How long have you been working at the hotel, and how has your formative experience prepared you to be an effective concierge? 

Alessia - Il Pellicano: I’ve been at Il Pellicano for 11 seasons! I started at the Front Office, until HR suggested I switch to Guest Relations, since I loved working closely with our guests. As a Porto Ercole native, I’ve had the luck to explore the territory in depth, and, over the years, I have built a network of contacts that has allowed me to really offer a unique concierge experience to our customers, in and outside of the hotel. 

Francesco - Mezzatorre: I started working at Mezzatorre in 2016, as a doorman. I then moved to Front Office and, eventually, to Conciergerie. Before that, I did a master in Hospitality Management at Cornell University, then spent some time in Switzerland and the UK. Those experiences abroad really formed me professionally, as I got to see different work philosophies and met people of different nationalities, with different needs and habits.

Fabiola - La Posta Vecchia: I’ve been working at La Posta Vecchia for the past five years, both at the reception and as Concierge. I was born in Mauritius, where I grew up surrounded by people of different cultures and languages – something that really influenced me – then moved to Rome, where I specialised in tourism and hospitality at the University of Tor Vergata. I’ve lived in Palo Laziale since I’ve been in Italy, and landing at La Posta Vecchia has been a professional dream. 

What’s the best aspect of the concierge profession? And the most challenging?

Alessia: The most positive aspect is definitely the fact that I get to know people from all over the world. I also love when I manage to satisfy even the most exigent of requests – it can be challenging, but very worth it! Nothing makes me happier than seeing our guests leave satisfied at the end of their stay. 

Francesco: Working as a concierge means taking care of a guest’s stay from pre-arrival to post-stay, to ensure we can satisfy any request from start to finish. As someone who was born in Ischia, I am proud to show the beauty of our island, and share my passion for it with our clients. As for the most challenging aspect, Ischia is still a seasonal destination, which means everything is concentrated in the span of six-seven months. Sometimes that requires lots of juggling, to meet everyone’s demands.

Fabiola: The best side of the concierge profession is seeing guests happy, and knowing you’ve helped make their experience a truly memorable one. The trickiest aspect is tailoring our suggestions to each client, because everyone’s different.

Could you share a concierge moment you’ve been particularly proud of? 

Alessia: Over the past two years, we’ve been receiving lots of requests from guests wanting to have their marriage proposal at Il Pellicano, so many of my favourite concierge moments have been linked to that. Ensuring that everything is perfect is a huge, incredibly rewarding responsibility – and seeing our guests celebrate such a special occasion here is really something that stays with you. 

Francesco: I have had many moments that have made me proud to be a Concierge at Mezzatorre. Only a few weeks ago, I had the honour to organise a marriage proposal for a guest. We spent weeks exchanging emails and talking on video prior to the surprise, and on the day I took care of every single detail from the rose petals to the candles and the banner. It was nerve-wracking, in a very emotional way. I’ll never forget when they came to the reception the morning after to show me the ring. It was great to be part of something so special. 

Fabiola: I, too, have too many memories to count. One I still remember fondly is a wedding proposal I helped put together, with a private dinner overlooking the Odescalchi Castle. Seeing our guests’ tears of joy afterwards made my day. 

What are some of the must-do near the hotel? 

Alessia: I always suggest a visit to Il Giardino dei Tarocchi, near Capalbio, and a boat trip to the islands of Giglio and Giannutri, because they offer incredible panoramas. A walk to Cannelle beach is also a must, both as a workout or as a relaxing passeggiata. 

Francesco: I recommend booking a boat trip, because seeing Ischia from the sea is an unforgettable experience. Many of the smaller bays can only be explored by boat, so it is definitely something every guest should do. But Ischia isn’t just about the sea. There are lots of hiking trails that take you to beautiful places, plus vineyards, thermal baths (Ischia has the oldest thermal baths in the world) and more. I love for guests to live the island fully.

Fabiola: La Posta Vecchia is close to Rome, so it’s easy to recommend a day-trip to the Eternal City, but a personal must for me is the Necropolis of Cerveteri, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exploring its ancient ruins is like stepping back in time. 

Share a tip on how to maximise a stay at the hotel.    

Alessia: Ask for a pick-up transfer, to arrive at the hotel in the most comfortable way. Also, do try the experiences we offer, from our wellness treatments to the legendary cocktails of our Bar Manager Federico and the delicious dishes of our restaurants. I would also suggest checking out our Boutique, to shop our ISSIMO accessories and take home a slice of the Pellicano world. 

Francesco: Stay at least four days with us. With 6 municipalities and a 43 kilometres coastline, there’s so much to explore, so having more time really helps if you want to get a good sense of the island. Don’t skip an aperitivo at Bar La Torre and a dip in our pool – and obviously, make sure to find me for a chat about all-things Ischia! 

Fabiola:  La Posta Vecchia is a magical place. To feel that magic even more, there’s nothing better than attending our terrace dinners, or doing a sunset yoga session with us. It will give you even more of an appreciation for the beauty of our location.