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Hotel Il Pellicano

Il Pellicano was created by socialite adventurers, Patsy Daszel and Michael Graham. Swept away by the beauty of this private cove, they conceived a nest for Italy lovers, in a location that would revel Tuscany’s sensuous nature in a certain style.

‘The Grahams accomplished what a lot of people talk about after their third martini but seldom actually do, they chucked in all their security and changed their lives…’

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La Posta Vecchia Hotel

La Posta Vecchia’s history began a thousand years ago when this seaside resort became the favoured retreat for Roman emperors. In 1640 Prince Orsini created the grand palazzo which billionaire J.P. Getty restored for his mistress, furnishing it with a fantastic art collection and preserving the ruins of the original Roman villa. All these treasures are on view for our guests.

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Mezzatorre Hotel & Thermal Spa

The tower of Mezzatorre has an ancient and fascinating history. The name “Mezzatorre” comes from the presence of an ancient watchtower remained unfinished (from here “mezza”: in italian "half") and built between the sixteenth and seventeenth century by the Aragonese.

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