Reopening 2016

April 21st 2016: Hotel Il Pellicano and La Posta Vecchia reopening

Il Pellicano, the legendary hotel suspended between the sky and the sea in Porto Ercole, Tuscany, and the ancient seventeenth – century dwelling La Posta Vecchia, in Palo Laziale, will reopen their doors on April 21st.

Hotel Il Pellicano, famous for its retro atmosphere and the discrete luxury loved by the International jet set, this year will transform his guests’ vacation into unforgettable memories. The Michelin starred Chef Sebastiano Lombardi will be among the undisputed protagonists of this new season: dinners with local chefs and Michelin starred ones, a new weekly experience with his specialty – the raw fish – and a special tribute to the Hotel Ritz Paris reopening, are some of the appointments to not be missed.

Yoga lovers will be pampered by Moraima Gaetmank, the teacher loved by the stars who will be the “resident Yogi” for 5 days, and the fashion addicted will find the creations of the best international designers during the “trunk shows”, for some exclusive shopping by the sea. The hotel will pay tribute to every full moon night with live music and cosmic cocktails, and will host Italian icons for monthly and inspiring “conversations” about fashion, design, cinema and art, created in partnership with Faliero Sarti fashion brand.

La Posta Vecchia, the ancient villa overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, is ready to unveil a lot of exciting news. The first one is the new Executive Chef Antonio Magliulo, the emerging and talented Italian young chef who has taken the reins of The Cesar Restaurant and is ready to pair his dishes with some of the best chefs from Rome for special gourmet evenings.

Every month, La Posta Vecchia will pay tribute to the full moon nights with live music and cocktails on the stunning terrace by the sea.
Sport lovers will find great news in the stunning park surrounding the villa and the yoga addicted will have the chance to experience Moraima Gaetmank’s unique Yoga during a weekend in July, when she will be the resident Yogi of the hotel.